Who is FORVIA?

Faurecia and HELLA are companies of the Group FORVIA, the world’s seventh largest automotive technology player. 1 in 2 vehicles on the road is equipped with FORVIA products. We have 157,000 employees in more than 40 countries. We work for all key automotive manufacturers worldwide.

Our mission at FORVIA is to pioneer technology for mobility experiences that matter to people. Technology-driven, we offer a unique and comprehensive portfolio for advanced and customized mobility experiences. We leverage the full diversity and expertise of our talents to offer mobility solutions designed for people.

We care for the planet and shape everything we do through the lens of sustainability to meet the challenges of future generations.

We push the boundaries to be a change-maker and open new perspectives.


At FORVIA, we believe that mobility is at the heart of people’s lives and what matters to them: moving freely while caring for the planet, in their own way.

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