BASF – We create chemistry

Plastics accompany us in all areas of our lives. BASF’s Performance Polymers division is one of the world’s leading suppliers of engineering plastics. Due to their special mechanical properties and the combination of low weight with high temperature and chemical resistance, our engineering plastics are widely used in the automotive industry. Our plastic solutions for vehicles range from bodywork and chassis to interior trim and engine components. Using plastics instead of other materials reduces vehicle weight and so helps to conserve energy and reduce emissions. Plastics also improve safety for passengers and pedestrians.

For BASF, scientific research and the consequently arising innovative strength are essential. This is why we commit ourselves in areas of science and technical engineering. BASF particularly focuses on science education realizing that today’s students will be the thinkers, innovators, discoverers and leaders of the future. BASF provides grants in support of innovative science programs in the communities where we do business. Here we sponsor outstanding projects and events which are particularly meaningful for science and society and further award prices for exceptional scientific performance. We consider “Formula Student Germany” as a great opportunity to get in contact with ambitious and well-educated young people.

We are already looking forward to meeting you and wish all teams good luck and endurance for this extraordinary competition! Have a great time!