23 July 2018 03:29

FS Rules 2018 - Feedback Welcome

Category: Competition

If you found errors, ambiguities or inconsistencies in the FS Rules 2018, we offer you the opportunity to provide feedback. Please note that only constructive criticism and ideally alternative wording proposals are considered for future versions of the document, but not simple complaints.

Please send us your feedback using the Rules Feedback Tool, which allows you to also see all feedback from other teams: https://www.formulastudent.de/fsg/rules/feedback/. We will collect your feedback until Sunday, 2018-08-05 13:00 CEST.

Please note: If you have a question regarding a rule, e.g. if a special design solution is still compliant, use the Rules Questions Tool, which is open all year. This is to clarify your rules questions.

If you find errors or inconsistencies in the document, of you have a remark how to improve the document, use the Rules Feedback Tool, which is open before the event and after the publishing of a new rules document. This is to improve the document for everyone.

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