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12 March 2018 00:00

FSD & FSE: Autonomous & Electrical Add Item Requests

Category: Formula Student Electric, Formula Student Driverless, 2018, Competition

The web-based forms for ASF Add Item Request (AAIR) & ESF Add Item Request (EAIR) are now available. Firstly, please check whether all items you need for your Autonomous System Form (ASF)/Electrical System Form (ESF) are already available in each database. Do not request any items which already exist in the AAIR/EAIR databases. Should any items appear to be missing, you can add them with the AAIR/EAIR requests. The Scrutineers will review your AAIR/EAIR and it will be approved if everything is correct.

Check for consistent manufacturer and unique model naming according to the datasheet and already existing, accepted items. [DV only] For the AAIR, you do not need to add auxiliary items (e.g. wiring, network switches, etc.). Please focus on the critical parts (i.e. ASS others is for other sensor types, not for processing units!).

Only mark an item as “private”, if it is self-designed, self-manufactured and/or a prototype. Bought items will not be accepted as “private”. The reason for setting the item to “private” must always be explained.

Please request all your AAIRs/EAIRs until 2018-03-16 13:00 CET on the following pages.

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