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25 June 2017 18:22

Opel Style Award 2017 by Opel Design Center Germany

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To be a winning team several characteristics are required to set your team and your car apart from others. Team spirit, engagement, know-how, car performance and durability are probably the most present key characteristics you always have in mind when you manage your project.

A very important part of success is always also the definition of an elaborated car design. Getting people’s attention to your product is something that can really help you. Each team has to merchandise their project to gain sponsors, fans and all kinds of support they need. What else catches more eyes to your product than the car itself?

OPEL has many years of experience in Car Design and is now looking for the team which performed at its best with their 2017 Formula Student Race Car Styling. Therefore the Opel Style Award is a prize given to the winning team that show technical solutions that are both great looking and balanced with function. A holistic approach, high level of presentation and professionalism are essential for the winning team.

How to Register

Show us your Styling and hand in an application document (max. 6 pages in PDF-Format, max. 10 MB) containing the following information:

  • You are officially registered to FSG 2017
  • You may be a combustion and/or an electric team – only 1 application per team is allowed!
  • All pages are noted with: Team name & Address
  • Rendered 3D-Graphics and/or photographs of your car in 4 views: FRONT, TOP, SIDE & ISO (each view on a separate page. Please keep in mind: The better the picture the better your chances to become a finalist)
  • Total sizes of your car: length, height, width and wheelbase.
  • Size of your tires (e.g. 10”, 13”, 15”, …)
  • Description of your Styling developments, ideas, concepts & decisions (max. 1 page).
    • What are you really proud of, because it makes your car looking better than others?
    • Where did you have the most difficulties solving the issues between styling and SAE-Rules or other requirements?

  • In case you have available please also hand in design sketches of your racecar
  • Upload the document to the FSG homepage (=> MyTeam => Events => Deadlines) until July 28th, 2017 23:59 CEST
  • 5 teams will be chosen to a final judging on Thursday August 11th, 2016. You will be informed early enough before the event.
  • Final judging will be 20 minutes (10 min. presentation, 10 min. discussion) with your car and a maximum of 6 team members
  • During the final judging you have a TV-Screen for presentation available. Please make sure to keep the focus of your presentation on the development process of your styling and the issues you had with technical requirements and their final solutions.

Rating Criteria

We rate each application as well as the finalists according specific criteria.

  • Design theme: identification and definition of a clear Design concept and Design theme
  • Proportion: balanced proportion of car in harmony with size and dimensions of all visible parts.
  • Design quality & surface execution of the total vehicle (only in finals): attractive detail execution and appearance of vehicle, choices of materials and the craftsmanship of fit and finish.
  • Design Graphic and Color: graphic and color choice to support vehicle and Design concept. Recognition of corporate identity of University and/or team CI.

The winner of the Opel Style Award 2017 will get the NEW OPEL INSIGNIA SPORTS TOURER for rental use as a team car. Once the winner is announced we will print your team logo right next to the award signs onto the INSIGNIA. The winner will be announced during the Award Ceremony Part I on Saturday August 12th, 2017.

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