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12 August 2016 18:14

Opel Style Award 2016 by Opel Design Center Germany

Category: Competition

A very important part of success is always also the definition of an elaborated car design. Getting people’s attention to your product is something that can really help you. Each team has to merchandise their project to gain sponsors, fans and all kinds of support they need. What else catches more eyes to your product than the car itself?

The Adam Opel AG with one of the Global Design Centers in Ruesselsheim has many years of experience in Car Design and for FSG 2016 was looking for the team that performed at its best with their 2016 Formula Student Race Car Styling.

And the winner is: TU Brno (Car 299)


NTNU Trondheim (Car 63)

UAS Augsburg (Car 10)

UAS Ingolstadt (Car 34)

HS Aalen (Car 61)

were the other competing finalists.

The Opel Style Award is a prize given to the team that show technical solutions that are both great looking and balanced with function. A holistic approach, high level of presentation and professionalism are essential for the winning team. 

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