29 July 2015 23:21

Safety first: technical scrutineering and engine testing starts today

Category: Competition, 2015

Today all cars start the scrutineering to determine their technical safety before being allowed to participate in the dynamic events. A very nerve wrecking time for the teams and the first test of their engineering design competence. 

Altogether, 62 FSE and FSC teams were seen by the scrutineers, 29 electric cars and 33 combustion cars. Four FSC teams successfully passed the complete scrutineering and received the stickers to prove it. Until now, 17 FSE teams passed the Accumulator Check; two passed E-Inspection and are now in line for the rest of the checks.

Every Formula Student car undergoes thorough technical inspection, a very strict scrutineering, at the beginning of the event. Only if the car fulfils all safety and technical requirements it is allowed to participate in the dynamic events.

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