16 June 2014 10:38

[UPDATE 2] Electrical System Form (ESF) - Add Item Request

Category: Competition, 2014

UPDATE 2 (16-6-2014)

The ESF form is now available for the teams to fill out. As there are still some open item requests (238/1114), the teams should fill out as much as they can for the time being and will be able to fill in the rest later. 

New deadline is the 30.06.2014 12:00 CEST.

UPDATE 1 (19-5-2014)

Due to the high number of inputted ESF Add Item Requests (about 1000 items), the deadline has now been postponed. The ESF forms will go online on the 2nd June and the teams will then have 2 weeks to fill them out (until 16th of June). 

Dear Formula Student Electric Teams,

We would like to inform you that this year we are planning on bringing Electrical System Form (ESF) to the next level. 

Due to some delays in testing and developing the new web-based ESF, the respective deadline has been shifted to the 30th of May 2014 12:00 CEST.

Similar to the Cost Report, you are now able send us an "ESF Add Item Request" (EAIR). In order to do this, we require the inclusion of a brief explanation about the item you wish to add, e.g. maximum voltage, max. temperature, name, manufacturer and a datasheet of your component.

Please provide all your EAIRs within the next 2 weeks (until 12th of May) on the following page: https://www.formulastudent.de/?886 

The E-Scrutineers will review your EAIR and it will be approved if everything is correct. You will then be informed about this by mail.

End of May, when you are generating your ESF document, there will be a web form sheet for each chapter. Here you can select your EAIRs from the database, which contain all the added items from the requests we received. We will be informed everytime you finish a chapter and at that point can start the review process.

Further, we will provide an export function, so you can export your ESF to a PDF, which you can take to other events.

Best regards,

J├╝gen Falb

Chief E-Scrutineer

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