24 October 2013 21:40

Free desktop and cloud software for Formula Student teams

Category: General
By: Doris Fischer - Autodesk GmbH

Autodesk supports Formula Student teams around the world with free full version industry recognized software and cloud computing services. Any Formula Student team just like yours can have immediate access to this without the need to fill in long application forms, wait for approvals or wait for shipping.

FREE full version 3D software is available to you anytime, 24/7: http://www.autode.sk/fssoftware


Get started on designing your next engineering project. Our free full version offering spans all the design phases you will have to complete for your car:

  • Drafting
  • 3D Design Including
  • Design Accelerator
  • Local simulation
  • Cloud simulation – also with your current CAD data
  • Cabling
  • Easy Collaboration & Data Management
  • Technical & Class A Surfacing
  • Easy Documentation
  • High-end visualisation

And our support doesn't stop there! We are organizing workshops to help you out with using the free software to the best of its capabilities and make the most of it. You can sign up for the workshops here and if there is no workshop available in your country please email us (student.project(at)autodesk.com) and we will be in touch with you as soon as we can.

We saved the best for last: Sim 360 Pro Earlier this year we made a brand new cloud-based professional product available that you can use for FREE with any CAD data. Sim 360 Pro helps you manage complex simulations, without locking up computer resources or needing to change your current CAD software product, freeing up your time while the cloud does the heavy lifting. Got you interested? So download Sim 360 Pro today and free up your computer!
Get access now: www.autode.sk/fssoftware

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