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11 April 2013 22:17

DEKRA Award for best prepared cars for scrutineering 2013

Category: Competition, 2013, FSC Award, FSE Award

In any racing event, safety is of key importance. DEKRA is one of the world’s leading expert organisations and Technical Partner of Formula Student Germany and has been in charge of safety inspections on the vehicles since FSG started in 2006. Every car is checked against maximum safety standards in scrutineering. Passing this inspection is a prerequisite for participation in the dynamic events.

To underline the safety aspect of Formula Student Germany and to motivate all teams to be well-prepared for scrutineering, which also helps to adhere to tight schedules, DEKRA sponsors the AWARD FOR BEST PREPARED CARS FOR SCRUTINEERING. This year, for the second time, there will be two awards: one for combustion cars and one for electric cars. Each award comes with € 500 prize money.

The main criterion is the preparation of the team and the car for successful scrutineering in Hockenheim. In order to have a chance to win the award, teams must have all required hardware and documents available and pass the inspection at first go. The scrutineers will rank all teams who do not need to come back for re-inspection. In addition to this ranking, the technical inspections of the structural equivalency of the chassis and the impact attenuator – which were done prior to the Hockenheim event –, the tilt-table test and the weighing test will be considered as well for the final decision.

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