01 April 2013 08:00

Formula Student Germany 2015 for electric cars only

Category: General

The organizers of FSG have decided that the 2015 FSG event will be open to electric vehicles only. The decision has been taken based on the huge success of Formula Student Electric in the past three years.

"From the start Formula Student Electric found great resonance in the Formula Student/FSAE community," explains Tim Hannig. "We see a stark increase in the number of FSE teams, especially teams switching from FSC to FSE, abandoning internal combustion altogether. As an organization we want to act on this to stimulate the current trend further."

There will be a transition period in 2014, with 40 starting slots for FSC teams and 75 starting slots for FSE teams. To accommodate the larger number of FSE teams, the Energy Meter will no longer be used as of the 2014 event. Instead a performance limiting resistance, sized based on the Tractive System Voltage, added between the Motor Controller and Motor will be mandatory. Energy Efficiency will no longer be considered in scoring as recognition of the fact that all electric vehicles are energy efficient by definition, and because an Energy score cannot be measured without Energy Meter.

More information on the transition in 2014 will be made available soon.

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