19 November 2009 13:00

Formula Student Germany joins FSAE Series

Category: General

The SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and the FSG (Formula Student Germany)  jointly announced today that the FSG competition has been signed on as an official member of the FSAE (Formula SAE) series of student competitions.  Bob Sechler, Director of Educational Relations for the SAE was quoted as saying “We have a lot of respect for the track record, and safety level which the FSG has accomplished in the past few years.  The fairness, open transparency in judging, and adherence to the FSAE rules were important to us as well.  We are very pleased to sign them on, and look forward to the synergy that this relationship will bring to the competition.”

Tim Hannig, Chairman of the Board for FSG, formally represented by Formula Student Germany e.V. and VDI e.V, agreed with Bob’s statement, saying “We are very proud and happy to be a part of the FSAE series and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.  Together we will try and maintain our high level of innovation while adjusting to the latest changes in Industry and Society.  I would also like to thank Steve Fox, Formula Student Germany Ambassador, and Chief Design Judge for both FSAE & FSG, for his role in bringing these two organizations together, which allowed this agreement to be signed.”

Additionally the two organizers agreed that maximum cooperation for the sake of better student education was, and always has been, their ultimate goal.  FSG will now be an active participant on the FSAE’s Rules Committee.  The two organizations will also join with IMechE and ATA to standardize some of the technical requirements and procedures to be included in the rules for the growing hybrid and electrical vehicle events.

SAE and the FSG organizers are excited about the future of the growing Formula SAE Series as well as the opportunity to work together as part of a world governing body to enhance the engineering education obtained through these challenging competitions.

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