17 December 2007 20:18

Chassis Dyno Results FSG 2007 Event

Category: Competition
By: Daniel Deussen

Dyno Results, Cars 01-09

Mr. Köhler at work

During the 2007 FSG event we had a new award that was open to all teams that focused on engine development. Bosch Engineering GmbH sponsored the "Best dynamometer performance Award" and took over the expenses of having a chassis dynamometer on site. The award was granted to the team with the highest power output measured at the wheels.

There are multiple reasons that only maximum power was taken in consideration and not like some teams had requested maximum torque and even the entire torque/power curves. The main reason is that the transmission type is not specified in the rules. Would every team be required to run a transmission with fixed gear ratios, it would be possible to consider comparing torque/power curves. But teams could also run a continuously variable transmission (CVT) where the engine speed stays constant at all times during acceleration. With this type of transmission only a single torque/power point measurement could be performed and a comparison to a torque/power curve from a car with fixed gear ratios would not be possible.

Another reason is that in order to really get a correct torque/power curve the exact engine speed must be known to the dyno computer. The type of engine management system vary so much that it would be impossible to get a correct reading from all cars. So what we do on the dyno is to synchronize the engine speed based on the speed of dyno roller at single point in the correct gear. This allows us to measure torque/power curves with a limited accuracy, not taking wheel slip into consideration.

At the event we had 20 teams that competed for the award by simply putting their car on the chassis dyno and performing a power measurement. In total we had 22 cars on the dyno. Two teams brought their last years car to the dyno for a measurement, but of course those cars were not allowed to compete for the award.

Upon request from a lot of teams we are now publishing the measurement data taken. The data includes corrected power and torque (DIN and ECE corrected) output of the best dyno pull for each team.

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