06 September 2023 08:00

Siemens Academy: Digital Twin in Autonomous Driving Development

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Dear Formula Student Teams!

Many of you registered for the Siemens Academy on site Workshop “Digital Twin in Autonomous Driving Development“. Due to the overlap of Friday’s FSG academy on site workshops and the FSG 2023 group picture this was canceled. Siemens is offering an online session of this workshop on 12th of September at 13:30 – 15:00.

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Siemens Industry Software GmbH - Digital Twin in Autonomous Driving Development

What you can expect (content summary):

The presentation discusses some Siemens engineering technologies for autonomous driving development that combines algorithms, virtual and physical testing in a digital twin fashion. The ADAS and autonomous vehicle industries are recently focusing on virtual testing as one of the safe and efficient technologies for validation, especially to deal with safety critical and corner scenarios.

Starting from measurement and real traffic sensor data, we demonstrate the process to create digital twin high-fidelity models of sensor, vehicle dynamics, and traffic scenarios. These models are then deployed for scenario generation and algorithms development (i.e. perception, planning, and control), targeting to safety and other driving metrics such as driving comfort, efficiency. Combined with hardware and physical car testing, the digital twin framework helps to accelerate the development stages, detect issues early on, and capture corner cases.

Some advanced technologies will be presented: massive scenario generation, optimal (MPC) and learning control, and sim2real reinforcement learning. Finally, we will demonstrate with two ADAS applications: automated valet parking and safety-critical lane change.

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