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19 August 2022 08:44

Würth x FSG: In case of an equipment or tool emergency

In case of an equipment or tool emergency check out Würth's booth. It's worth it!

“Racing is Life. Anything before or after is just waiting.” – Steve McQueen as racing driver Michael Delaney in the film Le Mans.

To ensure that you spend as much time as possible on the track and as little time as possible waiting, Würth is on site with a spare parts warehouse.

Würth is the largest supplier of tools, c parts (bolts, nuts, etc.), and everything needed by workshops and craftsmen in Germany. Because we know (some of our staff are FS Alumni as well) sometimes, something is needed urgently we provide these services for you:
Pick up from stock! We brought a selection from our portfolio (>125.000 products) to provide you with missing parts to get your car in race ready mode. Check our stock and get what your need for free.
What do we have in stock? Bolts, Nuts, O Rings, Power Tools, Washer, Glue, Duct tape, Brake Cleaner, Gloves, Cable Ties, Thread Cutter, Cut Off Wheels, Hearing Protection and MUCH more.
Borrow equipment: For some special use cases from broken bolts to oil spills we have the equipment to make the best out of the situation. Just check our different packages and borrow what you need.

We are waiting for you in front of the pit lanes!


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