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21 November 2021 23:02

Rules 2022 V1.0 published - feedback welcome

The rules 2022 V1.0 are now published.

At FSG Academy next Friday there will be presentations about the intent of the changes within the rules. There will also be the possibility to ask questions.

If you have questions regarding clarifications of a rule, you can ask us by using the Rules Questions Tool, which is open all year. You have to be logged in to access the rules questions tool.

Before using the rules questions tool, please read the guidelines carefully.

If you find errors or inconsistencies in the document or have a remark how to improve it, please use the Rules Feedback Tool to let us know.

This is to improve the document for everyone. In this tool you can also see all feedback from all teams - for your information and to prevent redundant information. We will collect your feedback until Friday, 2021-12-10 24:00 CET.

If needed we will publish a V1.1 of the document including your feedback.

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