Rules Questions Tool Guidelines

Please read this guideline thoroughly before writing a rules ticket. Note that tickets which fail to comply with these guidelines may be closed unanswered.

Intent of the Rules Questions Tool

The aim of the Rules Questions Tool is to clarify the wording, intent or interpretation of any rule. In case of an ambiguity of the rules, a rules ticket may be created. This is a tool to help you to design your vehicle or prepare your documents according to the rules.

But the Rules Questions Tool is no design validation service. It is your responsibility to check all rules yourselves first. Tickets without relation to a specific rule or wording will not be answered.

How to write a rules ticket correctly

  • Check the rules FAQ and other FSG publications e.g. presentations of FSG academy and all documents included on the rules page first. Your question may already have been answered.
  • Refer to the correct rules number. This is important, since only with the correct number, the ticket will be assigned to a suitable rules expert.
  • Describe your issue with the specified rule or what part of the specified rule(s) is up for discussion. What do you think is the intent of the rule? Why is that your interpretation?
  • Put the rule in relation to your design. Why do you think that your design may or may not be compliant to the mentioned rule? Does your solution meet the intent of the rule? (see A3.5.1)
  • Use the possibility to append additional material like drawings or datasheets to the ticket to describe your problem.

FAQ publication

Rules questions that are frequently asked or that are an important addition to the rules by forming a precedent case may be published as FAQ. The publication as FAQ can be inhibited at the end of the rules question by checking the related check box. This should only be used in very rare cases as follows:

  • The ticket contains sensitive third party data (e.g. confidential data sheet), when the publication could result in legal harm to your team.
  • Drawings or description of inventions, very unique designs or technical innovations.

Please add a message stating why you do not want the ticket to be published as FAQ. Refer to the points above and state which parts of the ticket are affected. Insufficient justification (e.g. “We don’t want to show our design.”) may result in the checkbox being ignored.

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