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The yearly FSG workshop offering support and information to Formula Student teams will be held on 29th October 2016 at Bosch Engineering GmbH in Abstatt. The workshop is open to all team members.

Experienced Formula Student participants and industrial professionals will provide in depth information and address a wide array of Formula Student specific issues concerning technical as well as organizational issues.

Again, a round table meeting will be offered by Formula Student Germany officials to all team captains in order to discuss organizational issues and 2016 team feedback.

Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to gain new knowledge, meet Formula Student experts and get to know experienced as well as newly founded teams. The workshop language will be English.

Registered Teams

Currently there are 66 registered teams and 0 pending teams.

Total spaces: 300
Booked spaces: 300

Team University City Country Spaces C/D/E
CTU CarTech CTU in Prague Prague Czech Republic 5 C
Fast Forest Deggendorf IT Deggendorf Germany 5 E
Global Formula Racing (DE) DHBW Ravensburg Ravensburg Germany 5 E
DHBW Engineering Stuttgart e.V. DHBW Stuttgart Stuttgart Germany 5 E
AMZ Racing Team ETH Zürich Zürich Switzerland 5 E
ETSEIB Motorsport ETSEIB - UPC Barcelona Spain 4 E
BRS Motorsport FH Bonn-Rhein-Sieg Sankt Augustin Germany 5 E
CAT-Racing FH Coburg Coburg Germany 5 C
THM Motorsport FH Gießen-Friedberg Gießen Germany 5 C
Raceyard E FH Kiel Kiel Germany 5 E
Bodensee Racing Team FH Konstanz Konstanz Germany 2 C
municHMotorsport FH München München Germany 5 E
municHMotorsport FH München München Germany 5 D
municHMotorsport FH München München Germany 4 C
IRT electric FH Osnabrück Osnabrück Germany 5 E
Baltic Racing FH Stralsund Stralsund Germany 5 C
Einstein Motorsport FH Ulm Ulm Germany 3 C
Strohm + Söhne e.V. GSO Nürnberg Nürnberg Germany 5 E
HAWKS Racing e. V. HAW Hamburg Hamburg Germany 5 C
Blue Flash HAWK Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttinge Göttingen Germany 5 E
E-Motion Rennteam Aalen e.V. HS Aalen Aalen Germany 2 E
Rennstall Esslingen HS Esslingen Esslingen Germany 5 C
HHN Racing e.V. HS Heilbronn Heilbronn Germany 4 C
High Speed Karlsruhe HS Karlsruhe Karlsruhe Germany 4 C
Delta Racing Mannheim HS Mannheim Mannheim Germany 5 C
Delta Racing HS Mannheim Mannheim Germany 5 E
Rennschmiede Pforzheim HS Pforzheim Pforzheim Germany 5 C
Formula Student Team Weingarten HS Ravensburg-Weingarten Weingarten Germany 5 C
Scuderia Mensa HS RheinMain Racing HS RheinMain Wiesbaden Germany 4 C
HTW Motorsport HTW Berlin Berlin Germany 4 C
KA-RaceIng Electric KIT Karlsruhe Germany 5 E
KA-RaceIng Combustion KIT Karlsruhe Germany 5 C
Formula Electric Belgium KU Leuven - Group T Leuven Belgium 5 E
Global Formula Racing (US) OSU Corvallis United States 2 C
Running Snail Racing Team OTH Amberg-Weiden Amberg Germany 3 E
Dynamics e.V. Combustion OTH Regensburg Regensburg Germany 4 C
RUB Motorsport RUB Bochum Germany 4 C
Ecurie Aix Formula Student Team RWTH Aachen e.V. RWTH Aachen Aachen Germany 4 E
FaSTTUBe Combustion TU Berlin Berlin Germany 5 C
TU Brno Racing TU Brno Brno Czech Republic 4 C
T.U.C. Racing e.V. TU Chemnitz Chemnitz Germany 5 E
TU Darmstadt Racing Team e.V. TU Darmstadt Darmstadt Germany 5 E
TU Darmstadt Racing Team e.V. TU Darmstadt Darmstadt Germany 1 D
Akademische Motorsportgruppe Darmstadt e.V. TU Darmstadt Darmstadt Germany 5 C
Formula Student Team Delft TU Delft Delft Netherlands 4 E
GET racing Dortmund e.V. TU Dortmund Dortmund Germany 5 C
Elbflorace TU Dresden Dresden Germany 5 E
Racetech Racing Team e.V. TU Freiberg Freiberg Germany 5 E
Team Starcraft e.V. TU Ilmenau Ilmenau Germany 5 E
Kaiserslautern Racing Team TU Kaiserslautern Kaiserslautern Germany 5 E
TUfast TU München München Germany 5 C
e-gnition Hamburg TUHH Hamburg Germany 5 E
StarkStrom Augsburg UAS Augsburg Augsburg Germany 4 E
Formula Student Team Darmstadt UAS Darmstadt Darmstadt Germany 5 C
Infinity Racing - Rennteam der Hochschule Kempten e.V. UAS Kempten Kempten Germany 5 C
Team wob-racing. UAS Ostfalia Wolfenbüttel Germany 5 E
Mainfranken Racing UAS Würzburg-Schweinfurt Schweinfurt Germany 5 C
High-Octane Motorsports e.V. Uni Erlangen Erlangen Germany 5 C
HorsePower Hannover e.V. Uni Hannover Hannover Germany 5 E
Herkules Racing Team Kassel Uni Kassel Kassel Germany 5 C
Speeding Scientists Siegen e.V. Uni Siegen Siegen Germany 5 E
Rennteam Uni Stuttgart Uni Stuttgart Stuttgart Germany 5 C
GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart Uni Stuttgart Stuttgart Germany 5 E
GreenLion Racing Uni Wuppertal Wuppertal Germany 4 C
UPBracingTeam e.V. UPB Paderborn Germany 5 C
WHZ Racing Team WH Zwickau Zwickau Germany 5 E