MAHLE is a leading international development partner and supplier to the automotive industry. With its products for combustion engines and their peripherals as well as solutions for electric vehicles, the group addresses all the crucial issues related to the powertrain and air conditioning technology—from engine systems and components to filtration to thermal management. MAHLE products are fitted in at least every second vehicle worldwide. For decades, MAHLE components and systems have been successful on every race track in the world. The company’s innovative products are also used off the road—in stationary applications, mobile machinery, rail transport, as well as aerospace and marine applications.

In 2015, the group generated sales of approximately EUR 11.5 billion with around 76,000 employees and is represented in 34 countries with over 170 production locations. Its strategic objective is to be a technological driving force for efficient mobility. At 15 major development locations in Germany, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Slovenia, the USA, Brazil, Japan, China, and India, about 6,000 development engineers and technicians are working on innovative solutions for the mobility of the future.

The company was founded by Hermann and Dr. Ernst Mahle in 1920. Today, 99.9 percent of the shares are owned by the MAHLE Foundation, which does not have voting rights. This guarantees that the group remains independent. Every year, the MAHLE Foundation receives a moderate yet stable distribution of profits, which it uses to support projects in the areas of health care and nursing, agriculture and nutrition, education and training, as well as the arts and culture.