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FSG Event Handbook 2013


10.5 M

FSE Changelog

20130306: version 1.1 of FSAE-SES template
20130410: FSE2013_ESF_Templates.7z/.zip added
20130410: version 1.1 of FSE rules
20130520: version 1.0 of FSE inspection sheet
20130606: version 1.0 of FSG shipping instruction
20130612: version 1.1 of FSE inspection sheet
20130626: version 1.0 of FSE driver_change
20130630: version 1.2 of FSE inspection sheet
20130630: version 1.0 of FSE energy meter specification


In case you have a question about the rules, first please have a look at the FAQ, as it might already have been answered before.

If this doesn't answer your question or if you don't find it, please feel free to contact us using the e-mail address: fse-rules(at)
Do not forget to include your University Name and the Rule Number in Question in the subject line.