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Main registration for the 2016 event starts on January 25, 2016 1200 CET.

Early registration is possible for up to 4 international teams and Top Six FSE 2015 Overall Finisher from January 18, 1200 CET till January 24, 1200 CET.

Please read the following information carefully before registering.

The main features of the registration process

  1. Before being allowed to register your team for the FSG event, a quiz on the competition rules must be completed. Only if all questions have been answered correctly the registration website allows you to proceed and register your team for the FSG event. The questions will be in multiple-choice form and you are allowed to repeat the test an indefinite number of times until all questions are answered correctly. (Note that for every try the order of the questions will be different.) This way a team's ability to register depends on its preparation rather than on the speed of its internet connection.
  2. Team members are not allowed to be registered for both classes. This is to prevent universities competing in both the FSC and FSE competition of having an unfair advantage, using the same experts in both teams. Also it will help to prevent confusion as of who is allowed to work on an electric car and who is not.
    If there are team members who are studying in a different university they must choose the university of the team during the registration process as a team member and not the one where he studies at that moment.
  3. To register for an other Formula SAE/Student competition, a team must go to the website of the respective competition and follow the instructions.

What do I have to do to register a team? - In advance

These items are the necessary basis for registering a team for FSG.

  • Register your team at, if you have not yet done it.
  • Define 1 to 3 team captains.
  • Make sure your web browser supports JavaScript.
  • Make sure you have a PayPal account - the registration fee has to be paid via PayPal! You'll need 750 Euros on your PayPal account or a valid credit card and a verified account. The verification process takes up to one week to complete! PayPal-payments made by direct debit are not allowed on this site.
  • Double check your billing address in advance to avoid problems with the refund of the payments from your university. Later changes will cost 50 euros.

Important note:
The website will not allow new entries or changes on both registration days from 1100 CET to 1300 CET!

What do I have to do to register a team? - On registration day

On January 18, 2016 (early registration)
On January 25, 2016 (regular registration)

1100 CET

The database will be closed on the FSG website and will move to the registration server. You will at that point find the link to the registration server on this page.

1130 CET

Now it will be possible for the team captains to log in to the registration server with your usual account.

Please note:
ONLY for the team captains!
This means: If you registered 3 team captains until 1100 CET, you will have 3 goes.

Please note:
A session ID will be assigned for each of the team captains.
This means: 3 team captains - 3 goes. Not more!

The session ID is necessary to avoid that more than one person logs in with one account at the same time. A session ID will expire after 10 minutes. This means that you will automatically be logged out after 10 minutes and then you can log in again (a new session ID will be created). If you close the browser by mistake you can log in again when the session ID expires after 10 minutes. Your valid time period is displayed in the left frame.

If you want to stay logged in for some time to not miss the start, proceed as follows: Log in once and then refresh the site every 3 or 5 minutes by using the button "reset timeout" or the browser function "refresh".
(Alternatively you can log out and then log in again.)

1200 CET - Step 1

The registration begins!

  1. Refresh the site! The registration quiz will appear.
  2. Mark the correct answers.
  3. Click the button "Submit Answers!"

If one or more of the answers you checked are wrong the quiz will reappear indicating that one or more questions have been answered incorrectly. The quiz can be resubmitted every thirty seconds until all questions have been answered correctly. However, please note you are not allowed to submit the quiz form more than once every thirty seconds! Every try the order of the questions will change. Each question only has one right answer.

The quiz will contain questions regarding knowledge of the lastest versions of the FSG & FSAE rules. The registration quiz for FS-Combustion will not contain questions about the "FS-Electric Only" parts and vice versa. A sample question set can be found here: The content of the sample questions does not have to be representative for the actual registration quiz. Please note the quiz form requires a web browser supporting JavaScript.

1200 CET - Step 2

Once you completed the quiz successfully you can continue the registration.

  1. A box "Registration Data" will appear.
  2. Put a check mark on the field to agree to the rules!
  3. Click the button "Register now!"

If you have successfully reserved one of the 75 starting slots, the next site will confirm your team's registration to the FSG. If you could not reserve one of the 75 starting slots, the next site will display this information to you and your team will be added to the waiting list.

1200 CET - Step 3

Now choose your car number!

The start numbers will change in 2016, so that there is no overlapping and confusion between C- and E-Classes:
FSE_Cars: 1-199 (the "E" will be eliminated)
FSC_Cars: 201-399
The teams on the waiting list must also directly choose a number from each area. If the team does not do that, the next available number will be assigned automatically.
The first 10 numbers in each block (1-10 for FSE & 201-210 for FSC) will be reserved again for the Top 10 of the former year.


  1. Check in the overview if your desired car number is available.
  2. Type your desired car number in the field "car number".
  3. Click the button "Choose Car Number!"


If you were successful, you will see the overview of all teams and their car numbers registered so far.
If another team managed to reserve the same car number just before you, you will be offered a new chance to choose a car number until you have got one.

Please note:

  • The top10 car numbers are reserved for the teams who achieved these positions in last year's event.
  • Requests for changing the car number afterwards is only possible within the first week after the main registration!

1530 CET

The database will be closed on the registration server and move back to the FSG website. The main server is going to send you some confirmation emails and you will find payment-links in your team area.

1600 CET

The database has returned to the regular FSG website.

  • For those teams who didn't register during until 1530 CET: Registration is open again. If there are still starting slots available, try again.
  • For all registered teams: You can now complete the registration by paying the registration fee and registering the participating team members.
  • For everyone: The overview of registered teams will now be visible for everyone.


The following 72 hours

After registering your team you have 72 hours to transfer the registration fee of 750 Euros via PayPal. PayPal-payments made by direct debit are not possible on this site.

The team is registered for the current competition when the due amount arrives.

If the registration fee has not arrived via PayPal within 72 hours after entering the desired car number the registration will be deleted.

Team Member Designation

Participants has to be registered by the team captain on the event-settings page in your team area (my team => events => settings). The registration fee of 750 Euros includes 20 team members. Every additional team member can be registered for 20 Euros until the “Team Member Designation” deadline in June. After this deadline the unused included spaces will expire. Bookings after the deadline are still possible for 50 euros per person. Please note that for those late-booked participants we can not guarantee any event-shirts or jugs at the MAHLE party.

Team members can only be selected as participants if they have entered the following personal information in their user profiles:

  • Personal Address (required for insurance)
  • ZIP code (required for insurance)
  • City (required for insurance)
  • Clothing size (required for Event T-Shirts)
  • FISITA organisation
  • FISITA organisation member number
  • Emergency contact person (parents e.g.)
  • Emergency contact phone (parents e.g.)

Every participating team member must enter a membership number of one of the FISITA engineering societies on the registration form on the FSG website. The German teams must give their VDI membership number.
If there are team members who are studying in a different university they must choose the university of the team during the registration process as a team member and not the one where he studies at that moment.

Waiting List & Withdrawal

Teams can enter a waiting list until the February 22, 2016. Teams on this list can register until the July 22, 2016 assuming a previously registered team withdraws from the event.

Teams on the waiting list are not allowed to make any payments, since we do not refund any payments. In case you move up to the pending list, you have to pay the registration fee within 72 hours in order to register your team for the event.

Please note: all teams have to meet all deadlines. But as long as your team is on the waiting list, you are not allowed to buy additional spaces for the team member designation. In order to meet the “Team Member Designation” deadline, please assign all included spaces until the deadline and make sure that all additional team members could have been selected as participants (green status) until the deadline. We'll charge those additional participants without late registration fee even after the deadline.

Withdrawal at a later date is possible in order to give waiting teams a place at the event. The registration fee, however, will not be refunded.

Letter of invitation for your visa

Please note that all selected team members for the current FSG event which uploaded their valid Health Insurance Card (HIC) and passed the HIC-check, will find a personalized letter of invitation with a digital signature in their account overview. This letter may be necessary for your visa application.

In case you will need an invitation letter signed by hand, the team captain has to designate ALL members first, since there will be only ONE invitation letter for the complete team. The team captain has to make sure ALL HICs are complete and valid. Once this is the case he should apply the letter of invitation in the form on the "Settings" page with the postal address to which we should send the invitation. We will send the invitation letter within 10 days for your team by DHL Express Envelope (2-3 working days) and will charge you per letter 89,25 Euro by PayPal.

It is your own responsibility to make all necessary arrangements for the registration as event participant and visa application. The FSG team cannot be held responsible in any way for too late or rejected visa applications. Please make sure you have a valid HIC as soon as possible!

How does the team member registration as event participant work?

  1. Make sure you are registered as team member of your team
    (My Team => Members)
  2. Please upload and fill out all necessary data in your profile
    (Rules => Team Member Designation)
  3. Make sure your team captain selects you on the event settings page as participant
    (My Team => Events => Settings of the current FSG)
  4. You will receive an email once we have verified your HIC

Any Questions?

Please contact Daniel Mazur and Helena Reinke: management(at)

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