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FSG Event Handbook 2016


10.9 M

FSE Changelog

20151210: version 1.0 of FSG rules
20160302: Guideline for Shipping 
20160307: Guideline for Aerodynamic Devices
20160310: version 1.2 of FSG Energy Meter Specification
20160314: version 1.0 of FSG SES-Approval form
20160314: version 1.1 of FSG rules
20160317: Template for ESF Accumulator Stack Table
20160324: version 1.0.1 of FSG SES-Approval form: update in line 54
20160418: Template for Vehicle Status Report (VSR)
20160420: Business Plan Presentation Scoring
20160423: version 1.0 of FSG Event Handbook
20160616: FSE Inspection Sheet 

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