Registered Teams

Currently there are 40 registered teams and 0 pending teams.

Total spaces: 80
Booked spaces: 87

Team University City Country Spaces C/E
Aixtreme Racing FH Aachen Aachen Germany 2 C
BA Motors UCE Berlin Berlin Germany 2 C
BME Formula Racing Team BME Budapest Hungary 2 C
BRS Motorsport e.V. FH Bonn-Rhein-Sieg Sankt Augustin Germany 2 C
CAT-Racing FH Coburg Coburg Germany 2 C
CTU CarTech CTU in Prague Prague Czech Republic 2 C
Delta Racing Mannheim HS Mannheim Mannheim Germany 2 C
DHBW Engineering Stuttgart DHBW Stuttgart Stuttgart Germany 2 C
Dynamics e.V. OTH Regensburg Regensburg Germany 4 C
Einstein Motorsport FH Ulm Ulm Germany 2 C
Elbflorace TU Dresden Dresden Germany 2 C
Elefant Racing Uni Bayreuth Bayreuth Germany 2 C
Fast Forest FH Deggendorf Deggendorf Germany 2 C
FaSTTUBe TU Berlin Berlin Germany 2 C
FHH-Motorsport FH-Hannover Hannover Germany 2 C
Formula Racing Cologne FH Köln Köln Germany 2 C
Formula Student Team Weingarten HS Ravensburg-Weingarten Weingarten Germany 4 C
Herkules Racing Team Kassel Uni Kassel Kassel Germany 2 C
High Speed Karlsruhe HS Karlsruhe Karlsruhe Germany 2 C
Infinity Racing - Rennteam der Hochschule Kempten e.V. FH Kempten Kempten Germany 2 C
KA-RaceIng e.V KIT Karlsruhe Germany 2 C
Lions Racing Team TU Braunschweig Braunschweig Germany 2 C
Metropolia Motorsport Helsinki Metropolia UAS Helsinki Finland 2 C
municHMotorsport FH München München Germany 4 C
OWL Racing-Team UAS Ostwestfalen-Lippe Lemgo Germany 2 C
Projecto FST IST Lisboa Portugal 2 C
Racetech Racing Team TU Bergakademie Freiberg e.V. TU Freiberg Freiberg Germany 2 C
raceyard FH Kiel Kiel Germany 4 C
Rennteam Uni Stuttgart Uni Stuttgart Stuttgart Germany 2 C
Running Snail Racing Team OTH Amberg-Weiden Amberg Germany 2 C
Saar Racing Team HTW Saar Uni Saarbrücken Germany 2 C
Scuderia Mensa HS RheinMain Racing HS RheinMain Wiesbaden Germany 2 C
Speeding Scientists Siegen e.V. Uni Siegen Siegen Germany 2 C
Stuba Green Team STU Bratislava Bratislava Slovakia 1 E
Team StarCraft e.V. TU Ilmenau Ilmenau Germany 2 C
Team wob-racing UAS Ostfalia Wolfenbüttel Germany 2 C
Technikum Mittweida Motorsport FH Mittweida Mittweida Germany 2 C
TU Darmstadt Racing Team e.V. TU Darmstadt Darmstadt Germany 2 C
TUfast TU München München Germany 2 C
WHZ Racing Team WH Zwickau Zwickau Germany 2 C

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