FSG 2014 will be held from Tue July 29th until Sun August 3rd 2014 at the Hockenheimring.

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FSC: 75 registered FSC teams, 0 pending teams and 1 team on the waiting list.

FSE: 40 registered FSE teams, 0 pending teams and 5 teams on the waiting list.

30. July 2014

Welcome to FSG 2014

Category: General, Competition, 2014

After an intense weekend of setting up the site, the gates opened at around 6pm last night and the teams were allowed onto the site to set up their pits. Just from the initial nighttime walk through the pits, it is clear to see...

29. July 2014

Spanner the Drone

Category: Competition, 2014, General

The FSG Team are working hard to complete the set up of the FSG site at the Hockenheim Ring. Despite the grey weather, the atmosphere is buzzing as we await the arrival of the teams to FSG 2014.  

One of our latest team...

29. July 2014

Daimler “Best E-Drive Packaging “- Finalists and Judging Schedule

Category: Competition, 2014, FSE Award

We invented the motorized vehicle and are passionate about the future of automotive engineering. Our Road to Emission-free Driving stands for our commitment to securing sustainable mobility. Our aim is to markedly reduce fuel...

29. July 2014

BASF „Best Use Of Fiber Reinforced Plastic“ - Finalists and Judging Schedule

Category: Competition, 2014, FSC Award, FSE Award

High performance plastics are a very sophisticated form of chemicals and have a large variety. They can contain different types of fibers, fiber lengths, additives and polymers. By varying all these parameters, high performance...

29. July 2014

Bosch Engineering “Best Power System” - Finalists and Judging Schedule

Category: Competition, 2014, FSE Award

As development partner, Bosch Engineering offers the adaption of electronic systems with approved, large-scale series technology for small series development. As full Bosch subsidiary, we focus on cross-domain and...

28. July 2014

MTU “Most Innovative Powertrain” - Finalists and Judging Schedule

Category: Competition, 2014, FSC Award

As a leading supplier of diesel engines for marine propulsion and off-highway applications, MTU is particularly committed to setting the benchmark in powertrain design. Each time our engineers tackle the task of pushing...

28. July 2014

Henkel „Best Use of Adhesives“ - Finalists and Judging Schedule

Category: Competition, 2014, FSC Award, FSE Award

Racing teams from all over the world have started to compete again in the Formula Student Competition. Like in the past Henkel will offer again a price for the Best Use of Adhesives. It was and for sure it will be again a...

28. July 2014

Guided Tours 2014

Category: General

Dear all,

Formula Student Germany 2014 was officially started this morning with the preparations of the eventside. 30 Whitshirts, about 60 redshirts and several technical supporters are just setting up about 20 tons of...

27. July 2014

Media Award "FSG 2014 emotion in motion"

Category: Competition, FSE Award, FSC Award

After many high quality 2013 Media Award submissions, it was Global Formula Racing who received the 2013 Media Award for their excellent Submission.http://media.formulastudent.de/Video/2013-media-award/i-tZGW6H7

For the 2014...

25. July 2014

FSG2014 Event Handbook 1.1

Category: Competition, 2014

To all teams competing at FSG 2014, the FSG Team has updated the Event Handbook. We expect all members to have read this event handbook. Please be aware of the following important changes in the latest version.

What to...

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