FSG 2016 will be held from 9th until 14th of August 2016 in Hockenheim.

FSC: 75 registered FSC teams, 0 pending teams and 17 teams on the waiting list.

FSE: 40 registered FSE teams, 0 pending teams and 16 teams on the waiting list.

25. May 2016

FSC “Most Innovative Powertrain System” powered by MTU

Category: Competition, 2016, FSC Award

As a leading supplier of diesel engines for marine propulsion and off-highway applications, MTU is particularly committed to setting the benchmark in powertrain design. Each time our engineers tackle the task of pushing...

17. May 2016

FSG Award “Best Systems Engineering” powered by Schaeffler

Category: Competition, 2016, FSC Award, FSE Award

A Formula Student car – independent of being a combustion or an electric one - is a complex system interacting with the driver and its subsystems also interacting with each other. Handling this complexity is one of the main tasks...

10. May 2016

Vehicle Shipping & Letter of Invitation (Visa)

Category: Competition, 2016

Dear participants of FSG 2016, here are some important information and reminder for you:

Vehicle ShippingAll teams that intend to have their car shipped to the Hockenheimring for FSG 2016 are kindly requested to take notice of...

26. April 2016

FSC & FSE Award "Best Prepared Car for Scrutineering"

Category: Competition, 2016, FSC Award, FSE Award

Would you like to be the first team in the scrutineering order of the FSG 2017 without any quiz? If your answer is yes you should read the following announcement for the “Best prepared car for scrutineering” award carefully.As...

23. April 2016

Scrutineering Quiz and Event Handbook 2016

Category: Competition, 2016, Registration

The order of the scrutineering queue for FSG 2016 will be determined by means of a scrutineering quiz like in the previous years. The scrutineering quiz will take place on Friday, April 29th, 12:00 CEST, and will be available...

20. April 2016

FSG 16: Scoring Business Plan Presentation

Category: Competition, 2016

For your better preparation of the Business Plan Presentation Event we have published the main categories and points of the judge evaluation sheet in the section “Rules & Important Documents” on the FSG Website (FSG &...

21. March 2016

Final participants for "FS Driverless Concept Award"

Category: Competition, FSD Award, 2016

After an overwhelming number of applications, the FSG officials are happy to invite 16 teams with the most promising abstracts to participate in the FSD concept award. Many brilliant ideas have been sketched by the teams and we...

18. March 2016

FSE 2016 Items Requests and Electrical System Forms

Category: Competition, 2016

Dear Formula Student Electric Teams,

The web-based forms for ESF Add Item Request (EAIR) are now available. This year we have deleted “Sensors” and improved the "Fuse" category. Firstly, please check whether all...

15. March 2016

New version of the FSG rules 2016 published

Category: Competition, 2016

Please take a look at the updated FSG rules and the new SES approval form for monocoques in the rules section. You will find all changes in the changelog on the last page of the rules document.

2.3.2 New date and clarification...

09. March 2016

A success story in the making

Category: Competition, FSD Award, 2016

31 applicants for Formula Student Driverless Concept Award 2016

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