FSG 2018 will be held from 6th until 12th of August 2018 in Hockenheim.

This is a preliminary date which depends on the Formula One Grand Prix at the Hockenheimring.

06. December 2017

Driverless: EBS Reference Guide is finally released

Category: 2018, Formula Student Driverless, Competition

We are happy to announce that the Emergency Brake System (EBS) Reference Guide, we presented on the FSG Workshop, is now available for download. It can be found in the Rules section: Important Documents for FSG 2018. This...

01. December 2017

SimScale and Formula Student Germany offers Free FEA Simulation Workshop

Aerodynamics and CFD are only one part of the equation when designing a Formula Student race car. Finite Element Analysis is another fast and convenient tool for approximating solutions to a variety of complicated engineering...

03. November 2017

Win Tickets for „Vehicle safety 2017“

Category: Partners, 2017, Workshops, Industry

The VDI awards tickets for the first 5 participants to the biggest branch meeting of security experts in the automotive industry – the congress “Vehicle safety 2017”.

25. October 2017

FSG Academy 2017 in Herzogenaurach: Slides & Videos are online

Category: Academy, 2017

The yearly FSG academy event offering support and information to Formula Student teams was held on 21st October 2017 at Schaeffler in Herzogenaurach in cooperation with MathWorks. Over 300 students from 66 teams and 8 countries...

08. October 2017

Win Tickets for Electronics in vehicles - ELIV 2017

Category: 2017, Partners

The VDI awards tickets for the first 10 participants to the most important branch meeting of electronic experts in the automotive industry - the VDI Congress "Electronics in vehicles - ELIV". The congress focuses on the...

02. October 2017

Rules 2018 v1.1 published

Category: Competition, 2018

As planned, the Rules 2018 V1.1 including your feedback are now published. Changes to V1.0 can be easily found using the Changelog at the beginning of the document. As announced earlier, this document will not change anymore and...

18. September 2017

Rules 2018 v1.0 + Feedback Tracker

Category: Competition, 2018

The first version of the rules for FSG2018 is now published: FS-Rules_2018_V1.0.pdf. While overall no substantial changes have been applied, a lot of detailed work has been done to clarify and simplify the document. Oversea...

09. September 2017

FSG 2017 Penalty Decisions and Updated Results including decisions regarding protests

Category: 2017, General, Competition

Formula Student Germany would like to inform about changes within the results of #FSG2017 due to protests and feedbacks. Furthermore to make the results and decisions by the rules and scoring committee as transparent a...

06. September 2017

2018 Rules Schedule

Category: Competition, 2018

Monday, 2017-09-18first version of 2018 rules will be published, this version is meant to be close to final. FSG forum opens to collect feedback until Sunday, 2017-09-24 13:00...

05. September 2017

Formula Student Aerodynamics and CFD Workshop

Category: Academy

After last year's huge success, SimScale and Formula Student Germany are again joining forces to offer a revised edition of the free workshop series about the application of CFD in Formula Student. Participants will receive a...