FSG 2016 will be held from 9th until 14th of August 2016 in Hockenheim.

FSC: 75 registered FSC teams, 0 pending teams and 11 teams on the waiting list.

FSE: 40 registered FSE teams, 0 pending teams and 10 teams on the waiting list.

27. June 2016

Free Tickets for ConCarExpo 2016: The trade fair for the mobility of the future

Category: General

The international trade fair ConCarExpo takes place for the first time on 29 and 30 June 2016 at the Messe Düsseldorf exhibition centre. As the event organizer, the German Engineers Association (VDI) is offering visitors a unique...

25. June 2016

Opel Style Award 2016 by Opel Design Center Germany

Category: Competition, 2016, FSC Award, FSE Award

Engage the attention to your car! To be a winning team several characteristics are required to set your team and your car apart from others. Team spirit, engagement, know-how, car performance and durability are probably the most...

16. June 2016

Technical Inspection Sheets FSG 2016: Now available, so be prepared!

Category: Competition, 2016

The Technical Inspection Sheets are now available in the important documents sections of both FSC&FSE.

Use these documents for your own advantage and come perfectly prepared to the FSG competition by doing a test...

10. June 2016

Daimler Best E-Drive Packaging Award 2016: Apply now!

Category: Competition, 2016, FSE Award

The future has begun: Numerous electric and fuel cell test vehicles have proven their worth in field trials. We have demonstrated the technical feasibility of electromobility, the production of highly diverse vehicles is now...

09. June 2016

BASF Best Use of Fiber Reinforced Plastics Award 2016

Category: Competition, 2016, FSC Award, FSE Award

Why does BASF award a prize for the “Best Use of Fiber Reinforced Plastics”?High performance plastics are a very sophisticated form of chemicals and have a large variety. They can contain different types of fibers, fiber lengths,...

25. May 2016

FSC “Most Innovative Powertrain System” powered by MTU

Category: Competition, 2016, FSC Award

As a leading supplier of diesel engines for marine propulsion and off-highway applications, MTU is particularly committed to setting the benchmark in powertrain design. Each time our engineers tackle the task of pushing...

17. May 2016

FSG Award “Best Systems Engineering” powered by Schaeffler

Category: Competition, 2016, FSC Award, FSE Award

A Formula Student car – independent of being a combustion or an electric one - is a complex system interacting with the driver and its subsystems also interacting with each other. Handling this complexity is one of the main tasks...

10. May 2016

Vehicle Shipping & Letter of Invitation (Visa)

Category: Competition, 2016

Dear participants of FSG 2016, here are some important information and reminder for you:

Vehicle ShippingAll teams that intend to have their car shipped to the Hockenheimring for FSG 2016 are kindly requested to take notice of...

26. April 2016

FSC & FSE Award "Best Prepared Car for Scrutineering"

Category: Competition, 2016, FSC Award, FSE Award

Would you like to be the first team in the scrutineering order of the FSG 2017 without any quiz? If your answer is yes you should read the following announcement for the “Best prepared car for scrutineering” award carefully.As...

23. April 2016

Scrutineering Quiz and Event Handbook 2016

Category: Competition, 2016, Registration

The order of the scrutineering queue for FSG 2016 will be determined by means of a scrutineering quiz like in the previous years. The scrutineering quiz will take place on Friday, April 29th, 12:00 CEST, and will be available...