FSG 2017 will be held from 8th until 13th of August 2017 in Hockenheim.

FSC: 65 registered FSC teams, 0 pending teams and 8 teams on the waiting list.

FSD: 15 registered FSD teams, 0 pending teams and 0 teams on the waiting list.

FSE: 35 registered FSE teams, 0 pending teams and 8 teams on the waiting list.

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11. July 2017

FS Rules 2017 Feedback Welcome

If you found errors, ambiguities or inconsistencies in the FS Rules 2017, we offer you the opportunity to provide feedback. Please note that only constructive criticism and ideally alternative wording proposals are considered for...

11. July 2017

Formula Student Teams at Bosch Proving Ground Boxberg

Category: 2017, Partners

On July the 8th Bosch opened it’s proving ground at Boxberg to 20 Formula Student teams in order to test their cars for the upcoming events such as Formula Student Germany in Hockenheim. The teams had the chance to get...

04. July 2017

Daimler Best E-Drive Packaging Award 2017: Apply now!

Category: Competition, 2017, FSE Award

The future has begun: Numerous electric and fuel cell test vehicles have proven their worth in field trials. We have demonstrated the technical feasibility of electromobility, the production of highly diverse vehicles is now...

03. July 2017

"Audi Vorsprung Award" - best lightweight concept 2017

Category: Competition, 2017, FSC Award, FSE Award

There are no compromises when it comes to the finest sports car engineering. Technical precision and performance must be pushed to the limits – and beyond. Audi pioneered the use of aluminum in manufacturing car bodies. With fuel...

25. June 2017

Opel Style Award 2017 by Opel Design Center Germany

Category: Competition, 2017, FSC Award, FSE Award

OPEL. THE FUTURE IS EVERYONE’S. To be a winning team several characteristics are required to set your team and your car apart from others. Team spirit, engagement, know-how, car performance and durability are probably the most...