FSC16 Overall Scoring Results

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FSC16 Overall Scoring Results 2 2016-08-29 19:41 FSC16 Overall Scoring Results PDF Show results

FSE16 Overall Scoring Results

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FSE16 Overall Scoring Results 1 2016-08-14 22:33 FSE16 Overall Scoring Results PDF Show results

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FSC: 73 registered FSC teams, 0 pending teams and 1 team on the waiting list.

FSE: 38 registered FSE teams, 0 pending teams and 1 team on the waiting list.

15. August 2016

Correction: FSE Efficiency Winner

Category: Competition, FSE Award, 2016

Due to the fact that we wanted to start the award ceremony right on time the cross checking of the penalty system was still ongoing during the ceremony.We realized that the team Global Formula Racing was not the correct...

14. August 2016

Endurance is finished- 42 teams finished the race sucessfully

The last event is over - endurance is finished. 91 cars started to compete throughout the day in this highlight of the event , 42 cars finished the race successfully. 

As every year it was a very exciting...

14. August 2016

Congratulations to all winners - Award Ceremony Part 2

Category: Competition, FSG Award, 2016

It’s been a long week on the Hockenheimring racetrack - hot weather and a lot of hard work.

Finally, all the time spent by the teams on testing and optimizing the vehicles has paid off.  It has been a very successful week...

14. August 2016

16 successful finishers in first part of Endurance event

Category: Competition, 2016

So far, today's Endurance Event has seen 16 successful finishers. All morning the first 45 teams of Formula Student Germany 2016 have competed on the 22 km long racetrack to test the durability of their cars. The later...

14. August 2016

Endurance started!

Category: Competition, 2016

On this final day of Formula Student Germany 2016 the Endurance event takes place.It is the last of the dynamic disciplines and probably the most exciting one.All cars that have passed the previous disciplines compete on the 22...

14. August 2016

FSG16 Endurance Running Order

Category: General, 2016

The Running Order for Endurance is available now. Please see the attached document. The Endurance is divided in two sessions:

Morning Session will take place between 08:30 - 13.00.

Afternoon Session will take place between...

13. August 2016

Sportsmanship Award 2016: Please hand in nominations!

Category: Competition, FSG Award

Don't forget about the Sportsmanship Award! Please hand in your nominations until 15:00 on Sunday at Event control! 

13. August 2016

Overall Results Formula Student Driverless Concept Award

Category: Competition

15 teams handed in concepts to suggest ideas and solutions for a possible driverless event at Formula Student Germany and participated in the Formula Student Driverless Concept Award.

After thorough examination by the...

13. August 2016

VIP Reception 2016

Category: Competition, 2016

Again, in 2016 FSG invited sponsors and other interested VIPs to a VIP reception at the BW Tower. Here, they all had the opportunity to learn more about the new Formula Student Driverless (FSD) competition, to talk to...

13. August 2016

Guided Tours 2016

Category: Competition, 2016

As every year, we are happy to offer our popular Guided Tours to our sponsors, visitors and friends. Our tour guides are all former participants of FS events. Each has personal experience, thorough insights and detailed knowledge...