FSG 2014 will be held from Tue July 29th until Sun August 3rd 2014 at the Hockenheimring.

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FSC: 75 registered FSC teams, 0 pending teams and 1 team on the waiting list.

FSE: 40 registered FSE teams, 0 pending teams and 5 teams on the waiting list.

22. July 2014

Towing Your Trailer Safely

Category: General, 2014, Pat´s Corner

In April 2006, a team from the University of Mankato in Minnesota,  attending FSAE in Michigan, lost control of their trailer in a cross wind and crashed into opposing traffic. Three students were killed and several others...

22. July 2014

Scrutineering Podcasts E05-E09

Category: General, FS-Academy

With just a few days to go until the start of FSG 2014, here are some final tips from the Scrutineers to help this years' competing teams in getting through the technical inspection.

From unknotting cable spaghetti, to...

16. July 2014

Some of the Issues a Team Faces When Designing for FSG.

Category: General, 2014, Pat´s Corner

It is now 20 years since I saw my first Formula Student event, FSAE 1994 at the Pontiac Silverdome in the US. I was on a business trip in the USA and attended as a spectator.

Pontiac Silverdome where the FSAE competition was...

28. June 2014

Special Awards - apply until 11th July 2014

Category: 2014, Competition

Do not forget to apply for the Special Awards 2014! Participate in the Special Awards to increase your chances of winning a trophy during FSG 2014. The awards will be handed over during the official award ceremonies on Friday and...

25. June 2014

Scrutineering Podcast E04: Time to meet PERCY!

Category: General, FS-Academy

Watch the next video as Ulf and Patrick explain the PERCY rule.

Please make sure that you check these rules have been followed properly and your car complies to them before coming to the event to prevent disappointment in the...

25. June 2014

Scrutineering Podcast E03: The tractive system active light (TSAL)

Category: General, FS-Academy

The tractive system active light (TSAL) test is one of the mandatory tests that will be carried out on EVERY electric car. Watch this video as Juergen demonstrates how the TSAL test will be carried out during the electrical...

19. June 2014

Check your team member designation: deadline is coming tomorrow!

Category: Competition

Dear teams,FSG 2014 is coming soon and a lot of team members are already registered. But keep in mind that the deadline for your team member designation as participant is set to this week´s Friday, the 20th of...

16. June 2014

[UPDATE 2] Electrical System Form (ESF) - Add Item Request

Category: Competition, 2014

UPDATE 2 (16-6-2014)

The ESF form is now available for the teams to fill out. As there are still some open item requests (238/1114), the teams should fill out as much as they can for the time being and will be able to fill in...

11. June 2014

FSG Series of Scrutineering Podcasts has started!

In the run up to the 2014 Formula Student Germany event, the FSG team have decided to help the teams prepare for the most gruelling part of the event: technical inspection.

In order to help the teams in understanding the...

10. June 2014

Pat’s Corner - Formula Student Tyres for Dummies

Category: Pat´s Corner

I had a phone call today from a team member who wanted to talk about tyres.

He made the point that there is a lot of tyre information out there, including the data from the Tyre Testing Consortium, but little to tell you what it...

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